Vern '60 Fender Strat  '61 Fender Strat '64 Fender Strat
Custom Shop Strat I played with Toto '62 Strat W/ Darrin Hammon Refin.
back to Original See-through Blonde
'56 Fender Strat
Fender Custom Shop Strat
All original 1965
Fender Stratocaster
Fender Custom Shop Strat used on
the last several European Tours
2002 Gibson Custom Shop Historic Darrin Hammon Tele #3 1976 Gibson 335 - My 1st good guitar!
Gibson Historic '59 Gibson Historic '59 Gibson Historic '58
1968 Gibson 345    Fender Custom Shop Precision Bass  
 '69 Gibson J-45 '64 Gibson Country Western Model
Airline Acoustic with Darrin Hammon
Fret job and neck reset
 Early '30's 14 fret National
2 Fender Deluxe amps. Both are from the '60's. I used to use these with Toto but 'someone' thought they were too loud!  Ernie Ball Strings & some of my picks! 4 Fender Super Reverb amps. The one on top left is a '68, the others are all '66's.
Stomp boxes. An old Univox Univibe, some Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Faces, lots of Ibanez Sonic Distortions, some old Thomas Organ Cry Baby pedals. Picks & slides & capos, oh my! My U.S. Pedal Board. Boss TU-2 Tuner, Ibanez SD-9, Fuzz Tool, Tony's Bender Tool, old Vox Wah pedal, Power supply and a Vibe Tool (Univibe Clone).

Thanks to Paul Lenders and Ad Vandongen at Guitarsystems. The Vibe tool sounds exactly like my real Univibe. That is a major accomplishment! Believe me, I have tried all of the other pedals out there and this one NAILS the sound! It also has a cool advantage over my real Univibe; an added TMF control to roll out some of the low end that sometimes gets in the way of a clear tone and also, my new Tony's Bender Tool. This is how I get the cool feedback and sustain on my latest CD and at the live gigs. Makes my tiny Fender amp scream like Jimi's Marshall amp!!! I could not get those sounds without that pedal! I LOVE it!!!!
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